How to Find Content Writers That Skyrocket Your Content Marketing

The demand for content is booming these days.

As the era of digital marketing has started, every business needs a good content writer.

While many claims to be a writer, it’s not exactly a piece of cake to find a good content writer.

This article is only about teaching you how to hire a quality content writer. Also, read Best content writing tips 

I have shared all the tips you need to know when hiring a content writer for your business.

You will find an answer to all the questions you should know:

  1. Why you should definitely hire professional content writers?
  2. The Best Person to Hire a Writer?
  3. How to Shortlist a Writer?
  4. What to Tell Them Before They Write for You?
  5. How to Judge the Quality of Content?

Why Hiring a Writer is Necessary?

Just because you know a language, it doesn’t make you its writer.

Some people have a way of speaking, but their fingers freeze when writing. Even if you can write, you may not necessarily be able to write high-quality content.

As Ann Handley said:

Good Content is not story telling, it's telling your story well

Besides, would you be able to take out 5 – 6 hours a day just to write content for your business.

Web content writing is also different from traditional writing. You need content writing for marketing – traditional writers may not be of much help here.

Here are some perks you will get from a professional content writer.

High-Quality Content is Evergreen

Content marketing is a strong foundation for digital marketing.

You may be able to get views or rank low-quality content on the first page through digital marketing and SEO – but, this doesn’t last for long.

Well-Written content will always be in demand and less prone to Google algorithm updates.

Persuasive Content Gets Better Conversion Rate

Content marketing writers understand the need of your audience. They will research and have a clear concept of what your audience expects from you.

We write content to inform or persuade our visitors. When you successfully carry out this task, they return the favor by converting into leads or sales.

Working with Content Writers

Now, that you know it’s important to get the help of a professional content writer; the next question is how to how to hire content writers that fulfill your requirements?

You can get a writer to work:

  • On a freelance basis with you
  • Or, full time in your office

Freelance Writers for Hire

Freelance writers will work from their home or office. You will decide the terms and agreements of work, and continue as long as it suits you.

Freelance writers are a great help when you don’t have an office or if you can’t pay a full-time salary.

Full Time Writers

You will need an office to hire a good content writer to work full time for you. You will have to pay him/her a decided salary.

A full-time writer will only research and work on your field. He/she will get an understanding of your audience which will improve your content marketing.

There’s Another Efficient Method

Each of the two above mentioned method to hire a writer has a few downsides.

  • Freelance writers may delay your work and may not take out extra time to research.
  • For full-time writers, you will need to conduct many interviews and tests to find content writers worthy of your salary. Moreover, you need an office and a reasonable budget for this.

You can acquire a writing agency for SEO content writing services.

They know their work well, and they hire good content writer for every field.

You just have to explain your requirements to them. After that, writing for a content marketing agency is an easy task.

They will have one of their writers assigned to your task, and their proofreading team will ensure the best of quality.

If you want to find content writers yourself, here’s how you should do it.

Hire a Writer to Hire a Writer

Who understands the job of a writer better than a writer?

Hire a senior writer on a contract basis to hire writers for you.

A senior writer can judge the professional expertise of a writer from his/her writing.

One big reason why you can’t find a good content writer of your choice is because of a communication gap between you and the writer.

You don’t know what and how to tell your requirements to a writer. The writer might be doing a great job but not according to your demands.

  • A senior writer would know exactly how to feed your requirements to the writer.
  • He would proofread his work and give you a report.
  • He will tell you the exact market rate for those level of skills – so you won’t miss a writer by underpaying or get him to stay by overpaying.

Look for Writers with Interest in Your Field

When hiring a writer, try to find a person that already has a keen interest in your field.

For example, you should look for a writer that has an interest in fashion if it’s the niche of your business.

He/she will already have researched such topics many times, and have a great deal of knowledge.

Research is the most important part of web content writing. It adds value to the content.

If you don’t know anything, what would you write?

For that, a writer learns about the topic on the internet and picks things that most suit your article – this research takes a lot of time.

A person that already has extensive knowledge on the field knows what he needs to write. He will mostly research only for confirmation and to provide references.

It has even more benefits…

A writer with interest in the topic, understand why and how a user would search it on the internet. He will create content that precisely answers everything a searcher wants to know.

This enhances the readability and gets you a better response.

See Their Published Work

A person must have some work published online if he/she claims to be a writer.

Even a fresh writer should have some portfolio or at least a mini post on Twitter.

Before you conduct an interview, ask the writer to send you a link to one of their articles which mentions them as the author.

You can judge a lot from their published work.

  • See how attractive you find their work.
  • Do you find it easily readable?
  • And, if the content added any value to the reader’s life.

If you don’t like their work, then there is no need to conduct an interview or test.

In case you have a fresh writer with no published work, ask them to write a small article for you.

The writers that have published work that you liked; you should ask them to write a small article too.

But before you ask them to write an article for you, there is one thing YOU need to do…

Share Expected Result from the Content

Before you get the writer to create a test article for you, share your goals with him.

Your goal means the objective you want to achieve with the article.

For that, you should tell 4 answers to the writer:

  1. Who will read this content?
  2. Why do you need this article?
  3. What behavior do you expect from the readers?
  4. The type of content you want i.e. white paper, entertainment, technical, etc.

There are many writing styles that a writer can use.

This information will help the writer create the best content according to your needs.

How to Judge a Web Content

With a graphical design, you can easily tell whether you like it or not.

It’s a different case with written content.

A non-writer has difficulty understanding the quality of content.

But, you can still judge if a piece of content is as per your needs.

How do you ask?

First and foremost, be clear about what you want.

If you are uncertain, follow the above shared 4 things to tell a writer – this should give you a pretty clear idea of your own requirements.

Next, follow these 4 tips to hire a good content writer.

Give them a Topic of YOUR Expertise

Instead of randomly picking a topic, give the writer a topic that you know about.

You may select any topic from the area of your expertise.

For example:

If you have a business of garments, you must have a clear idea of all types of garments, their quality, and usage.

When the writer finishes your article, you can proofread it yourself.

You may not have much idea about the sentence structure and use of vocabulary, but you will definitely know the research skills of the writer.

You can quickly identify any misleading statement because you already know the subject better than him.

See the Attraction in Their Headings

Most internet users don’t read an article; they scan it.

Writers have to catch their focus at essential points. Mostly, these essential points include headlines of the article.

According to the research of Neilson Norman Group, average web users only read 20% of the article. It backs the century-old guess of David Olgy that 80% of people just read headlines of an article.

You need to carefully read the title and the headings used in the article. A headline is good if:

  • It’s catchy
  • Not misleading
  • Makes you want to read further
  • Gives a clear idea of its content

You may not find all these factors in one headline depending on the content. You should read from the point of view of a general visitor to understand it better.

How They Start the Article

The start of an article consumes a lot of energy of a writer.

Beatrix Potter once said:

Beatrix Potter Quote on Start of a Story

If the beginning of an article is not good, the visitor will close the page without reading it further. It increases the bounce rate of your website.

The question you should ask yourself:

How likely are you to continue after reading the opening of the article?

The Validity of the Content

Check how informative the article is. Would a general reader get to learn anything from it?

If you assigned a topic of your expertise, then it won’t be difficult for you at all — another thing you should check if there is any reference to the claims he made.

For example:

If the writer says ‘90% of people only wear cotton clothes’ – he better provides the source of that research.

Hire SEO Content Writer

If you need content writing for marketing then the writer must know SEO writing.

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. And, the content is also optimized for search engines.

Ask the writers if they are aware of the SEO writing practices. You should provide them target keywords and see how well they perform with them.

You can use the Real-Time Content Analysis of Yoast for SEO analysis of content.

Content SEO Analysis of Yoast

Use Grammarly

Even if you are a native English speaker, your grammar might not be perfect – at least not on a professional level.

You can make grammatical mistakes when speaking, but you have to be very careful in writing.

A professional writer must not make grammatical mistakes. And, you have to look for these mistakes when you hire professional content writers.

An excellent tool for this job is Grammarly.

Grammarly is a writing assistant. It has a free version and a paid version – both very useful.

You can install it’s add on in MS Word, and it will identify the mistakes in the document.

Grammarly Screenshot from Word

It’s premium version even shows plagiarism in the content.

This tool is also not perfect. Still, it’s a great help in proofreading.

Cheap Writer will Cost You More

Don’t try to find a cheap writer for your work.

SEO is temporary, but the content is evergreen.

If a writer can do your job at a lesser price, then the content is most probably of the same value.

Low-quality content:

  • Ranks only for a short period (if it does rank)
  • It doesn’t contain comprehensive details
  • And, it isn’t backed by in-depth research

A good writer understands the time it will take to learn the topic completely.

He knows that he will have to take out time to proofread and edit the article once it is complete.

Good writers care less about the count of words. Their main focus is to provide value to the reader.

To Sum it Up:

  • Instead of writing yourself, you should hire a professional writer for the job. A professional writer will get you better results.
  • You can hire a writer for full time, on a freelance basis, or you can acquire services of a content marketing agency.
  • It would be a great idea to get the help of a senior writer to do the hiring for you.
  • Prefer the writers that already have a keen interest in the field of your business.
  • Read the already published work and then decide if you should conduct an interview or test.
  • Inform the writer about your target audience and goals before you conduct a test.
  • Give the writer a topic of your expertise, so it’s easier for you to scrutinize Check their headlines, opening of the article, and use tools like Yoast and Grammarly.
  • Don’t compromise on the quality of content even if it costs more.

Now you tell me…

How would you find a content writer for yourself?

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