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Copywriting Services

There's a big difference between writing and copywriting. Copywriting is writing done for a business. The aim is to sell and promote services or a product. Copywriting is writing done to call the website visitors to action. Good copy shows that you understand the customer. It shows your knowledge in the industry. The visitor will read something valuable to them and build trust towards you. What you offer through a good copy to the audience is relatable for them. Globex Writing Services make it easier for you to connect with your audience. We fill up your marketing team by providing professional copywriting services that sell.

We advise you to invest in copywriting services and create an astonishing copy for your website. You will be satisfied with what you get by working with the best copywriting agency. What we offer is rich and organic material, with a call to active voice. Timely deliveries, original and 100% unique content that will make your readers ask for more. All this, while not spending a fortune.

Why Globex Copywriting Services

Optimize your website for search engines.

SEO is not a joke. SEO strategy drives traffic to your website and ranks the content. Search engine algorithms are not easy to alter. You need to create a copy that attracts leads and search engines. For this, you will need professional copywriting services.

Building brand awareness

Brand awareness is important if you want to hear your company's name in random places. Brand image is an image of how a business wants to portray itself. Branding is the art of creating a visual perception of a company. It alters the customer's mind and builds trustworthiness.

Take A Look At Our Process

Project Description

The first step is yours. You need to fill out our order form and write down every detail. To find a best-suited copywriter for you, we need to know your ideas. After you give information about your audience, the industry, aims, and objectives, we are ready to go to the next step.


We don't start working without detailed research. We have skilled copywriters in numerous industries. But, every website copywriting services need to start working on research. We will find out the strategies of your competitors, your audience and the style we need to write with.


After all the details are gathered, and we know a thing or two about your audience, we are ready to start creating. At this step, you need to sit back and relax. Our professional copywriters will create a unique and original copy for your website.

Proofreading and revisions

After the job is done, we won't rest until we double-check everything. You will be working with professionals and native speakers, but we still double-check our work with grammar checking apps and programs. We also offer unlimited revisions to match your primary idea.

What You Get With Our Copywriting Services

Higher Ranking

Your goal is to achieve high rankings on search engines. This is where our SEO experts come in. Your content will be attractive to search engines. Your optimized website will appear on the first page of search results. You will get more traffic, more visitors and readers who turn into customers. Your web-page will be recognizable and popular. It will Boost your business as well.

Turn visitors into customers

Due to our professional SEO work, done for your website, you'll have more traffic. More traffic leads to more visitors. Visitors can turn into leads and eventually become your customers. In the end, what you get with our copywriting services, is that you get a chance to connect with customers. Good copy can keep old customers loyal, and drive new ones to your website.

More Sales

Your business development needs financial backup. Finances come from sales. Sales depend on good branding and connections with the customers. Professional copy on your website must capture the attention of the reader. Our copywriting services will deliver the value to your customers. This will drive them to your customer relation department, where you can sell your services.


You will love all the subscription requests coming to your email campaign after you optimize your website with our help. Once the visitors read your great copy, they will want to hear more from you. This is why we advise our customers to create a blog or send monthly and weekly newsletters. You will be able to send information about your business to more and more people after some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a test paragraph before we start working?

Yes. You can request a free quote by just clicking the button called Request a quote. You can also ask for a free sample. We do this to show your our possibilities and skills. We want you to understand our process and writing style.

How do you choose a copywriter for my tasks?

We assess your requirements and ask you about your ideal copy. We evaluate your audience (age, interests, place of gathering) and choose the tone of voice. After this, we deliver this information to our copywriters and judge the entire situation. We take the copywriter that best suits your audience's tone of voice, your writing style and can fits in with your requirements.

Can I request a test paragraph before we start working?

Yes. You can request a free quote by just clicking the button called Request a quote. You can also ask for a free sample. We do this to show your our possibilities and skills. We want you to understand our process and writing style.

Who owns the rights on the content?

Every content we write, we write it for you. We are excellent ghostwriters, and all the rights of the copy will go to you. Your information will stay safe and confidential with us.

Can I request ongoing services?

Yes. We work for your maximum satisfaction, and it's no secret that you will like our writing. You can request an ongoing collaboration, and we will provide you with regular content for your social media, blog, newsletters, etc.

Can I count on you to generate the topics?

Yes. Our writers are not just professional copywriters they also have an unusual imagination. We can guarantee 100% original and unique, attention-grabbing titles and topics.


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