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  • Attractive layout with readability and customer engagement
  • Attractive subject lines for customers’ attention
  • Correct content structure and presentation

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Why Newsletter Writing Services?

Regardless of the rise in social media popularity and new marketing techniques today, email marketing is still taking top position as an essential component in content marketing. Newsletters bring in potential and loyal customers to your business because of the engagement they get into. If you want to connect, communicate and convince your potential customers, Globex Writing Services offer affordable and high-quality newsletter writing services.

Getting the lead professional newsletter writing services, is only the first step you make. You will need to take them through exactly what you need and what you are targeting. Email marketing allows you to accomplish general brand awareness when making a purchase. It helps keep your brand and the values of its proposition on top of the customer’s mind without overwhelming them with sales pitches.

Why Newsletter Writing Services

Email Newsletter Writing Process

Combining industry knowledge, proven email marketing skills and professional newsletter writers, Globex Writing Services will provide you well-designed newsletter content service that will resonate the audience you are targeting in whatever topic, product and services you are putting across. We offer the best newsletter writing services, and this is the writing process we use.

Your audience deserves custom content

The created content will depend on the audience. The existing customers might be interested in more information about the product, services being provided or even whatever is going on with the company. Potential customers will respond well to content that will inform them about the value your business provides or general information that presents your company as a thought leader in space.

Your audience deserves custom newsletter content

B to C vs B to B Newsletter Strategies

B to C vs. B to B Newsletter strategies

When business to consumer newsletters creation at times focus on creating conversions directly in the form of a purchase, business to business newsletter focus on other forms of conversions. Globex newsletter writing services begin by narrowing down to your target audience. Created content is based on demographics, subscriber’s preferences, and the stage the buyer is. We understand how vital layout, formatting, and images present in the newsletter are. We use different styles for different audiences depending on their desire.

Great subject lines increase the open rate

During the email newsletter writing process, we put so much focus and attention on the subject lines. Email newsletter service providers are trained to utilize the language proven to be bait for the opening. This word attracts and instills urgency of opening to the reader’s eyes. We also know how to avoid fake click baits and overly dramatic language that may turn off the reader’s urge to view the products.

Great subject lines increase the open rate

High-quality newsletters that are compelling

High-quality newsletters that are compelling

The best newsletter writing services, know that top-notch content consists of entertainment, educating, and appealing topics to the recipient. Long emails are often avoided since they end up to be boring. Direct and at the same time encouraging newsletters are encouraged. These kinds of newsletters can get audience attention hence they desire to learn more. We can always craft your newsletter I whichever way you want. Our main aim is to help you reach your target audience and increase your revenue.

Emails are created with readability features

The newsletters created are readable and engaging. We include headings subheadings, bullet points, videos, and image features to ensure that the readers keep on reading and not get bored. We can design videos that will attract traffic to your website and more loyal customers.

Emails are created with readability features

Our Newsletter Writing Services

Globex offers professional newsletter writing services. Our team is packed with professional writers that will satisfy your needs and reach your target audience. Your website will have as many clicks in no time.

Email newsletter writing.

Email newsletters are a reliable way of marketing your products or brand. It also acts as a communication tool between you and your customers. Email newsletters writings remind readers about your products. It builds a unique relationship with your customers by informing them what your company is up to on a regular basis. This way customers are updated and informed on what to expect.

A well-presented email newsletter has a good layout, engaging, and entertaining content. Customers loyalty highly depends on how well the newsletter is structure and presented. Therefore, you need content that will engage your customers and ensure they stick with you. With the best newsletter writing services that Globex Web offers, we will be sure to create relevant click bait for your website.

Online newsletter writing.

An online newsletter is a pdf report that contains any, information, news, the activities of a business or organization, the business's legal name, organization or institution. They generally contain one topic that is relevant to the recipients. Newsletters hold almost all information about your company, business brand or organization. Online Newsletter in standard PDF or HTML format

Newsletter recipients assume that a poorly written and formatted newsletter represents a poor quality company or organization. If you want online newsletter writing service that will show the expertise abilities of your company, get the professional newsletter writing services and Globex writing services will offer just that!

Benefits Of Newsletter Writing

 You are thinking of having a newsletter created for your business and you aren’t sure, then you should know the benefits that newsletters come with. Are newsletters worth your time, energy and money? That’s a reasonable question to ask if you are getting something you have no idea about, newsflash! Newsletters are the best thing you can get for your business, if you get professional newsletter writing services, here are some of the benefits you will  get;

  • Newsletters help you build a trustworthy relationship with your customers.
  • It creates passive income.
  • It provides you with a chance to present yourself as an expert to your customers.
  • Newsletters increase your brand’s awareness.
  • It’s a business marketing tool.
  • It keeps your business’ communication line open.

Our Process

Before deciding whether to outsource or not, clients as themselves questions like; Do they have the required tools to deliver the work? Tools like professional writers, resources, expertise and the experience to provide the results that I desire? Will they deliver on time? What is the work approach they follow, and will I get the quality I am being promised or not? We are a leading custom newsletter writing service that has professional content writers and follows a specific approach when working:




Project Detail

After your tour in our website, you are now aware of what you want. So you need to establish communication with our customer care. You will request what you want, and our sales team will send you an email.


pick a service.

Once you have contacted our customer care service desk, you are required to tell us what service you have picked and asked any questions you might have regarding the service. We will take you through the steps we make.



At this stage, we take in what you want us to do. With our high levels of understanding, this stage won’t need too much explaining and time. After giving us the detailed information, we get your go-ahead approval.


Contract creation

In this stage, we discuss the pricing and negotiations depending on the amount and type of work you want to be done. The after we agree on the pricing, contracts are signed off.


Project initiation.

Our team that comes up with thoughts and ideas then sits down to discuss the way forward for your project. One of the professionals will be assigned the work, depending on their suitability.



At this stage, the project is executed, if new ideas arise you are consulted. We will give you ongoing reports and feedback. When done, our editor's review and its sent back to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

can we send photos from digital cameras to be used in the newsletter?

yes, of course, you can that is the best way since we are putting precisely what you want, it also helps us understand your requirement more.

How do Globex newsletter writing services come up with content.

We have a detailed process of how we come up with each type of writing if you surf through our site you will be informed.

How I can send details and be assured that it's received

The quickest way to send us anything is through email, our customer care team is always checking the email and be assured we will receive in a matter of minutes. You can send the text files in any common formats, like Microsoft Word Format (DOCX). For the mailing list, you can send it in the Microsoft Excel Format (XLSX).t.

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