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What Is Press Release Writing?

A press release is a fantastic way to provide the information about a newsworthy event about your company to a mass audience. Press release writing services are the way to go for the most effective results. Our press release writers are trained in writing this type of journalistic news content for companies regularly.

A high-quality press release writing service can be of major help to any company that needs to communicate an event, happening, announcement, a new website or product launch about their business but they are not sure where to begin. Press releases offer maximum exposure at an affordable price and yes, it’s possible to get a cheap press release writing service through Globex that is effective for your brand. Why and how?


What Is Press Release Writing

Why Globex Press Release Writing?

Globex utilizes highly trained, professional press release writers that incorporate SEO techniques and advanced writing practices for client press releases. Our writers are experienced with thorough and current knowledge of keywording and proper media verbiage to produce an eye-catching and newsworthy copy. If you’re in need of the best press release writing services for your business, product or service, you can utilize our online press release writing services and get started today!

The question is why do you need a press release writing services from our company, simply when you need to gain exposure, you’re announcing an upcoming event, You’re running a promotion, you’re a new company, You have a major announcement, you’re seeking media coverage and PR, you want to increase, your internet search ranking, You want more traffic for your website, You want to enhance your marketing campaign.

We have a plethora of experienced press release writers available to ensure that the information written in your release is captured clearly and professionally. The content for your press release is optimized using keywords that will grab the attention of various media outlets. The most successful corporations realize that proper press coverage can gain access to new business and offer national and even worldwide exposure to their business, products, and services.  Best press release writing services provided by Globex will deliver the results you’re looking for with ease- offering maximum results with competitive pricing. Press releases are a necessary part of effective marketing campaigns and digital strategy.

Industry Expertise In Press Release Writing Services

Following are just some of the fields of expertise that we handle. If you don’t see your area of expertise listed above, please contact us and let us know what kind of press release writing services you need for your company. We will structure a unique and newsworthy press release according to your company’s specific needs, niche and business genre that is keyword optimized for the best results. Delivery is guaranteed when you need it and ordering is streamlined via our press release web order form.

Our Press Release Writing Process

The process of the order is following.

  • Access our “Order Now” form
  • Fill out the details
  • Highlight what you want to say
  • Detail what you are promoting
  • Provide any key standout points
  • Give a quote from your company’s spokesperson
  • Give us the delivery date
  • Pay via our secure system
  • Check the status of your order online

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire through Globex?

We will deliver your content on time and your press release will be professional, relevant to your brand and fresh. All content is tailored specifically for the client and press release.

Why should I use professional press release writers?

With the improper format or missing details and keywords, a press release can easily be looked over. For the best results, it’s recommended to use professional press release writers to optimize your campaign.

What type of press release do I need?

Think about the main purpose of your press release- is it a news announcement? Is the information for marketing purpose, awards, events or other declarations? We are here to help!

How will a press release help my business?

A press release will gain your company access to media and exposure online and via social media. Press releases are key aids for digital campaigns and can also increase your online search ranking.


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